Autumn 2013
Critic - Phu Hoang
Columbia University GSAPP

Istanbul’s most active public spaces are undeniably its sidewalks. These spaces are actively registered through virtual social networks. Today, Galata_Port is subjected to extensive spatial boundaries imposed by political authority between port, city, and country. Through active research, it was discovered that social networks allow virtual access to physically inaccessible places. The goal is to establish a relationship between street, sidewalk, and program by creating a social network through the integration of sidewalks in the global and local space, thus uniting different social groups. Proposed is a future where the city is connected with the waterfront and is occupied by local and global visitors of all classes by creating two piers & threee incisions.

Proposed are programs of recreation center that links to the existing park, visitor center that acts as a political node of the global and local and an artistic center that extends the existing cultural scheme. Their programs will generate economic growth and boost privatized development.

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