Harry Slump

Spring 2014
Critic - Mark Bearak + Brigette Borders
Columbia University GSAPP


Harry Slump is a mammal that can be commonly found in the brick-lined jungle in front of Avery. Its scientific name derives from the Latin word capillus, meaning hairy, and sluuuummmmp, which means to sit or fall suddenly and heavily— two words that adequately characterize its corpulent, bristly appearance.

As the largest member of the slump species family, Harry Slump measures 20 feet in length and 7 feet in width. Its 10-foot tall body is composed of tubed Polyvinylchloride, also known as PVC pipes, and is covered in hair of various densities and lengths. The interior of its body is layered with curls that change their forms according to applied pressure from the outside.

With an arched figure, Harry Slump has the charming capacity of allowing other smaller mammals, usually homo sapiens, to occupy and enter through its four arched holes of different sizes. In the wilderness it has a lifespan of 96 hours. It is territorial and generally solitary but social, often requiring large amount of humans in its belly in order to be satisfied.

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