Art Fund Pavilion
Competition Details

Spring 2009
Critic - Chris Beorkrem
Univ. North Carolina - Charlotte

Any Given Moment
We are constantly moving. Our nature has adapted our species to mercilessly multitask. To not change & to not adapt would be counter-productive and cause instability. It is only natural & human to expect our shelter to adapt like we can. Without the extreme case of adapting to our every whim or desire, our structures can adapt to different uses at different times allowing to accommodate our overlapping agendas. To this end, we are creatures of transference, continually at work, forever in thought and tirelessly shifting. One's desire to do governs the outcome.

Under the constraints of three distinct programatic scenarios, we respond with a space that engages the occupants and adapts to meet their needs. The form for the pavilion is derived from these programatic scenarios and is achieved through a system of cables and low-gear hand winches that allow the occupants to easily and safely manipulate the architecture into the desired configuration. We conceptualized the pavilion as being similar to a Swiss Army Knife in that it is able to deploy to meet the needs of each particular scenario and then fold up into a compact form when not in use. In addition to the hinged side panels, our pavilion employs a set of four modular blocks that are arranged and stacked in order to meet further programatic requirements. The exhibition scenario transforms the two short sides into canopies that cover the standing sculptural pieces and allow the occupants to walk through the space to view the artwork. In the presentation scenario, only one of the canopies is employed, leaving the other short side as backdrop for an intimate presentation. Finally, in the party scenario, all panels are unfolded to create a bar with views towards the canal and a loungescape that encourages social interaction.

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