Hyper Static

Summer 2013
Critic - Keith Kaseman
Columbia University GSAPP

Philadelphia is a city full of potential urban realities amongst underutilized spaces like many other cities. The 30th Street Railway Station train yard is fertile ground for expanding the city’s reach of new forms of occupation, and program. The construct has a widespread reach but can be expanded upon in an incremental membrane of space. It can act as a new type of urban-scape that can exhibit an array of possibilities for Philadelphia’s vibrancy. The implementation of an urban-scape model can start to respark the railyard with activity. The membrane is permeable, the urban- scape is inhabitable. These spaces can be cultivated across a wide-spread area. Since the train yard is barren, looking at the construct as a new form of program and movement, specifically a rideable type of movement, ie: bicycles, scooters, skates, strollers -- any transport for fast/slow pace. Rollable terrain stretches across the uppermost surface in separate directions. Water is collected at the surface and deposited in filtration tanks stored below.

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